Category: Loungewear

26 . 04 . 2015

Ethical Silk


All lingerie lovers will recognise the familiar feeling of silk fabric against their skin – Luxurious, soft and smooth. As a breathable fabric and a natural temperature regulator, silk helps the body to retain heat in cold weather and expel excess heat in hot weather. Therefore making silk the ideal wardrobe staple and perfect for […]

15 . 02 . 2015

Nouveau: 2015


 INTRODUCING EXCITING NEW BRANDS FOR 2015. BLUE REIGN January 2015 welcomed the arrival of Blue Reign. A dark, sexy and beautiful brand which marks an era of self-sufficiency,fearless independence and infinite possibilities. There are no boudoir secrets or romantic mysteries…  Only a lifestyle of success and ambition. A statement of progressiveness. An exploration of confidence. A celebration […]

7 . 12 . 2014

Baby, It’s cold outside…


It may be the party season but there is nothing more indulgent than a cosy night in… A good book (or boxset), a bottle of wine and your best loungewear. bra and knickers LA PERLA | robe ROSAMOSARIO robe LA PERLA chemise STELLA MCCARTNEY | faux fur collar MADE BY NIKI crochet lace bra, knickers […]

2 . 11 . 2014

The Edit: Pyjamas


Above: Sleepwear jacket and slippers by Princesse Tam Tam    The nights are getting colder and a cosy night in is sounding a lot more tempting… Whether you’re snuggling up to your boyfriend or sharing a bottle with your housemates, chances are you’ll be doing so in your Pyjamas. Whilst your usual nightwear might consists […]